Black Knight Partners develops private investment opportunities for select family offices and appropriate funds.

The firm operates across defined areas of interest in which it has proven success and thorough understanding.

Black Knight has assembled a talented team of professionals with accomplished backgrounds and an uncommon level of operating experience.

The firm differentiates itself with speed, power, and a proven system that allows it to attack opportunities and deliver value for investors.


Black Knight Raises capital for immediate opportunities and dedicated campaigns, deploying typically $20 to

$100 million at the time of initial investment.

The firm invests in businesses that are operationally straightforward, use technology for advantage but not as a product,

and are led by leaders capable of growth and change.

The firm is an active partner with its portfolio, nurturing key leaders and crafting strategic plans using

a proven system of investment management.

Investors benefit from less time with committed but idle capital, a higher likelihood of success, and a reduced time before liquidity.


With a sound enterprise, capable leadership, and proper planning, the firm provides direction and boundaries

for steady organic growth and measured industry consolidation.

In the end, the firm delivers to investors a professionally managed vehicle to deploy capital with a high likelihood of success.


To be the preferred firm for investors to generate substantial returns and an admired place for professionals to purse the strenuous life.


Black Knight Partners will raise, deploy, and return capital for its investors, create substantial value with its partners, and pursue exciting, fulfilling endeavors with its professionals.


We believe the art of business is leadership.  This requires attracting people with integrity, vision,

drive, and intellect to a shared, meaningful endeavor.

We believe the science of business is management.  This requires assembling professionals with relevant experience and proven skills.

We believe in unity of command, economy of effort, and the liberation of creative thought.  We believe in openness

and candor and welcome debate and critical thinking.

We believe that focus, order, and competence are traits of mature managers.

We enjoy competing, contributing, and collaborating--and we love winning. 

We embrace our future ... Together, we dare great things.

100 Crescent Ct. Suite 450
Dallas, TX 75201

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